An exclusive online program that caters to the specific needs of busy professionals, business owners and executives.
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Fit Executive Coaching is a health, fitness and wellness program designed to help you, the busy professionals, business owners and executives, lose weight, get back in shape, better your health and transform your life.

Fit Executive Coaching is an exclusive online program that caters to a small group of carefully selected clients who have dedicated the past years to their business and who might have let their health slip in the process.

Fit Executive Coaching is a program that will take you right where you are, no matter what your current physical condition is, to where you want to go with the finest, most efficient coaching available.

Fit Executive Coaching is for people who are truly willing to change their life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start, that is our job! We build the blueprint for your success and we coach you throughout your journey.

Our program

Fit Executive Coaching can be summed up in one word: ACTION


Accountability for your actions is the most powerful tool there is to achieve weight loss and health goals. Thus, twice a month, you will report to your coach and assess your progress.


There are no two people alike. Therefore, every client should work with their own plan created for their own needs. Your coach will create that with you, taking into account your level of fitness, your health status, your personal preferences, your schedule, your work habits, your environment, etc..


The different training and nutritional tools at your disposal with this program are so various, innovative and adapted to your level that we are 100% confident that you will find the right ones for you. More importantly, we will help you apply them correctly.


Weight loss and exercising regularly are more of a mental game than a physical one. We will help you create the right mindset to support exercising and nutritional strategies.


This is a long term program. Our system and methods are based on creating new, positive exercising and dietary habits. This is what is lacking in a vast majority of programs; and this is the only thing that produces long-term changes. Short-term solutions simply don’t work. We coach you for a full year to create permanent changes.


You are never alone in this process. You have direct access to your coach through a private chat as well as bi-monthly live coaching calls.
No matter how small the steps you take toward a better health, we will create together momentum to help you get started and to progress until you reach your goal. We help you move from the wishing to the doing part of the process and support you throughout your journey.


Tried and true. See what our clients have to say about this program:
  • Stephane Lemieux

    President and CEO at SYNERGX
    « Losing weight by yourself is hard. I had been trying for so long that I almost gave up. This coaching program has worked for me because it is tailored to my reality. Antoine never forced a diet or any nutritional plan down my throat. Instead, he discussed many options with me until we found the one that worked best. He is far ahead of the pack of weight loss and fitness specialists with his vast experience and his no-nonsense methods. The training material is great also and very easy to execute. »
  • Ken McCracken

    President & CEO
    JAKKS Investments Inc.
    « I have been working with Antoine at losing weight and I really loved his approach on nutrition. He and his staff don’t use any cookie cutter plans. Instead they will work out a plan with you tailored to your reality, needs and preferences. It took us 4 attempts to find the right strategy for me, but when we did, it enabled me to get under 200 pounds for the 1st time in 20 years. The Fit Executive Coaching program is the best for any executive who needs coaching and guidance for weight loss and a better health, without the judgment or the guilt. »
  • Bassem Bouras

    CPA and businessman
    « I had been bouncing from one trainer to the next for many years when I came across Antoine’s training material. As soon as I started using his method, I started to see my body change for the first time in years. I always thought I had really bad genetics because I got nowhere with my training, but I know now that I was just not training the right way. It’s been a year now and I’ve gained over 5 pounds of muscle, all the while getting leaner. That stuff works!. »
  • Andre Ferraro

    CEO Ferraro Financial Services inc.
    « I have been coached with the Fit Executive program for 3 years now and it’s unlike any program I’ve ever came across. I have progressed more in the past 24 months than in the 5 years I have worked with a personal trainer in the past. The instructions given on how to perform the exercises have even helped me get rid of chronic pain in my neck and shoulder region while adding muscle at a fast pace. I got leaner following the very simple nutritional advice. The experts at First Step Fitness don’t advocate diets, which I truly appreciate. Instead they work at helping me make long-term changes. This program is well-designed, tried and tested, easy to understand and clearly tailored to the realities of “real-life” businesspeople. »
  • Nina Mastropietro

    Managing Director, Relonat Inc.
    « Turning 50 isn’t easy on body nor mind - I wanted to embrace it with a smile and be a positive role model for my daughters. So I joined First Step Fitness’ Fit Executive Coaching. After just a few months working the training circuits, implementing nutritional strategies and being accountable for my results, I found myself LOVING my body again! The difference for me was that everything in the program was adapted to my age and level. It’s effective and possible to achieve, not to mention so much fun! Thank you guys! »
  • Pierre Bernard

    President, Iamvic
    « What sets this program apart is accountability. Your coach works with you at creating goals to achieve (exercise, nutrition, stress management, etc.) and holds you accountable to these goals. If you miss the mark or find that the goals are impossible to achieve, they will help you create new ones. Accountability is the thing missing from most program, and Fit Executive Coaching does it really well. It is not cumbersome, the coaches are very flexible in their approach and knowledgeable, and it works! »
  • JP Guimond

    Vice-President, Guimond Construction
    « I was always physically active playing sports and I thought that it was enough to maintain proper health. When I started implementing the training programs I soon realized that my chronic back pain got much better. Moreover, I had never followed any nutritional strategy before, mostly because I thought I was eating well. Adopting an easy eating plan designed with my coach, I managed to lose 15 pounds within a few months, without completely turning my whole life upside down. People compliment me on how I look now, and my back hasn’t felt that good in years. It’s a fantastic coaching program. »

Meet the coach, Antoine Hamelin

CEO of First Step Fitness Trainings Inc. and creator of the Fit Executive Coaching program. My name is Antoine Hamelin, I am a trainer, a weight loss specialist, an exercise science graduate and an author.

For the past 20+ years, I have worked with people from all walks of life, from the CEO to the professional athlete, from the overweight to the fit, to help them lose weight and reach their health and fitness goals. I have worked with prestigious organisations such as the St. Louis Blues, University of Montreal Carabins and the Canadian Armed Forces and I have been a gym owner since 2008.

What sets my work apart are the simple, yet effective weight loss strategies that I have used for many years. My no-nonsense approach and my ability to popularize exercise and nutrition characterize my work. My methods are deceptively simple but produce long-term results through a change of lifestyle and mindset.

Program content

With Fit Executive Coaching you get:

A thorough initial assessment that will be used by your coach to build your initial course of action

On-demand coaching calls with your personal coach

A plan designed to achieve your goals tailored to your own reality and current physical condition. The plan is dynamic and ever-evolving as you progress throughout the year

Full access to our one-of-a-kind and exclusive training and nutrition tools and material developed from 20+ years of experience from coaching business executives

Access to a private chat with your coach for questions in between your coaching calls

A monthly exclusive Q&A answering the members most common questions

Welcome to Fit Executive Coaching

Fit Executive Coaching is an exclusive online program that caters to a small group of carefully selected business executives who have dedicated the past years to their business and who might have let their health slip in the process.
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